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Partner Engagement

Our Partner Engagement program is designed to meet the needs of organisations who range from government, construction, marine industries, to manufacturers and other service providers. Based upon requirements, the Partner Engagement program is designed to provide the best flexibility and collaboration to organisations as well as individuals who are interested in working with Cardox in order to broaden their solution offerings, or gain competitive advantages.

The Partner Engagement program is specifically meant for:

  1. Original manufacturers of products, or
  2. Service providers in a specialised field of work.

Objectives of our Partner Engagement program:

  1. Cardox aims to create a global opportunity for potential and existing Partners who are not present in certain countries, and wish to accelerate  their marketing and penetration efforts into new territories.
  2. Cardox’s worldwide Distributors can leverage by selling our Partners' products and services to their existing clients; thus creating a wider business opportunity for themselves.
  3. Our Distributors, Partners and Clients can all benefit from each other though the interconnected network which Cardox has created.
  4. Clients buying our Partners' products and services either directly from Cardox or through our Distributors will have the same peace of mind and relationship which has kept Cardox a trusted and reliable brand name for almost a decade.

Cardox is already present in industries such as:

  • Cement Industry,
  • Agriculture Industry,
  • Lime Industry,
  • Pulp & Paper Industry,
  • Power & Gas Industry,
  • Civil Construction Industry, and
  • Metal & Mineral Industry

Cardox has been in operation since 1914 and over the years, we have built a long list of Industrial and Commercial Clients, as well as grown in our presence throughout the world via our distributor network in:

Australia • Algeria • Bahrain • Bolivia • Canada • Chile • China • Cyprus • Ecuador • Egypt • France • Germany • Greece • India • Indonesia • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan • Korea • Lebanon • Libya • Malaysia • Mexico • Morocco • Netherlands • Oman • Pakistan • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Qatar • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Singapore • South Africa • Spain • Sudan • Switzerland • Syria • Thailand • Tunisia • Turkey • U.A.E. • U.K. • U.S.A. • Venezuela • Vietnam

Contact us today and find out how you can benefit from our Partner Engagement program.


The Cardox System is both versatile and safe for silo cleaning, clearing of build-up, blockages and rock excavation. It has been proven to many as the most EFFICIENT, RELIABLE and COST EFFECTIVE method used today.

The SiloWhip System is the MOST POWERFUL silo whip in the world. Although it is purposely build to take on the hardened build-up commonly found in cement and clinker silos, it is GENTLE enough to clean out other materials.

Contact us today, to find out how we can help you with our complete range of products, services and solutions to tackle your problems.

With a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, we're closer to you.





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